Washing Machine Repair Service

Most homeowners get to enjoy having an efficient washing machine in their laundry room.

Having these appliances in your home to relieve you of your dirty clothes problems can be taken for granted. Until your washer breaks down and eventually clothes start to pile up in your laundry room.

So as soon as you notice any symptoms that indicate something is wrong with your washing machine, you should immediately contact us and schedule a repair.

No matter if you’re experiencing problems with drying, spinning or power on your washing machine, you can always rely on us to provide an emergency or regular laundry washer repair in Bergen and Rockland County.

Our experienced technicians will always try to approach the problem in such way that we won’t waste time while delivering the solution with efficiently and professionally.

If you prefer to prevent the problem from happening in the first place, you should schedule a maintenance and see for yourself why we are among the best in the business.

With our help, you can restore every type of washing machine including top and front loading washing machines, combination units and compact washing units. This way you’re completely covered regarding repair, service, and maintenance no matter which type of brand of washing machine you possess.

Most Common Washing Machine Problems

It’s important to identify the problem at an early stage in order to prevent it from occurring in the future. So if you notice any of the following, you should contact us immediately and avoid afflicting further damage.

These issues include:


The doors tend to open during the washing cycle thus interrupting the process.


Your appliance won’t turn on.


It’s performing poorly or not at all.


The power indicator light is malfunctioning.


Lack of cold water.


There is too much water during washing.

Any of these issues might indicate that you have a problem with some of the components in your washing machine, so call us today and schedule maintenance.