Dryer Repair Service

Drying clothes was never easier with these appliances. You won’t depend on the weather not humidity in the air to dry your clothes.

It’s the best method for drying clothes, and many homeowners are proud to have such appliance in their laundry room.

Having these and similar appliances makes us dependent on them. And this can be a problem, especially when they start to malfunction or break down.

Having a malfunctioning appliance of this type can drain your electricity much faster, resulting in a higher electricity bill.

To avoid all this, you only need to maintain it properly, and we know the best way to do so.


Gas and Electric Dryers Repair Included

The drying process in these appliances is simple. They consist of a circular drum called tumbler that rotates your clothes while circulating hot air in it causing moisture to evaporate. This humid air is pushed back through pipes to allow fresh air to help the process of drying.

We provide repair and maintenance service for both types of appliances:


Gas Dryers. These appliances may be more expensive than the electric model, but then have a longer life span and are more durable.


Electric Dryers. Electric models of dryers are more affordable and easier to install. Their exhaust requirements are minimal and need only steam venting.

Common Issues with Dryers

Noticing some issues with your dryer? Contact us immediately if you experience and of the following issues:


Dryer won’t turn on.


The air is too hot and affects your clothes color.


Clothes aren’t dried completely.


The drum won’t spin.

Any of these problems are easy to fix, but only if you have a professional to perform the service. We also provide information about proper maintenance techniques, so that you can learn the best way to prolong your dryer’s lifespan.