Other Appliance Repairs

There is a wide range of appliances that everyone can equip their home with. Among those appliances, there are those that are auxiliary and those that are essential for every homeowner.

Ice Machine Repairs

No matter when it happens, it’s never a good time for an ice machine to break.

There are a couple of problems that might be considered as most common when it comes to malfunction in these appliances.

But no matter how easy the problem may seem, it’s always advisable that you contact a professional and let them solve your problems.

Trying to fix them yourselves can prove to be dangerous and cause even greater problems.

To make sure that your ice machines functions properly, you should conduct regular maintenance and learn how to spot problems before they develop into much more complicated issues.

ice machine

Microwave Oven Repairs

A microwave oven definitely isn’t an appliance that you want to malfunction, as we’ve become extremely dependent on it and the variety of commodities that it provides.

Defrosting food was never easier with this appliance, and preparing quick meals was never simper.

This is exactly why it’s understandable that we want to keep them in peak condition at all times. These appliances can break down easily, but not if they are maintained on a regular basis.

To make sure that they don’t break down, malfunction or perform poorly you should contact us today and schedule a maintenance!

Microwave Oven

Vent Hoods Repairs

Cooking without a properly functioning vent hood can create a variety of issues.

Not only that your entire house will smell on whatever meal you’re preparing, but your furniture and clothes will also absorb the fragrance. At the same time, you’ll have a much less enjoyable cooking sessions.

So how do these appliances break down or start malfunctioning? The most common problems are overfilled filters and malfunctioning rotors. They provide proper suction only when you maintain them on a regular basis.

However, if they weren’t maintained properly, you might need to replace a couple of elements. To avoid all this, call us and let our technicians decide what kind or service your vent hood needs.

Vent Hoods

Wine Cooler Repairs

Much like refrigerators and freezers, wine coolers also depend on a functioning Freon chamber to provide adequate temperature and chill your wine properly. Stored wine should be ready for serving as soon as it leaves the wine cooler.

Different types of wine should be chilled to a different temperature to enhance the flavor and provide more pleasant tasting experience. This is why your wine cooler should be able to chill on temperatures as low as 6 and up to 18 degrees Celsius.

If you notice that the cooler temperature goes below or above the mentioned temperature, it’s probably malfunctioning.

Being that these appliances consist of complicated circuitry and electronic components, it’s advisable that you contact a professional for help.

Wine Coolers

Trash Compactor Repairs

Do you have malfunctioning trash compactor?

This is by far the last appliance that you want to malfunction, as no one enjoys having their entire house smell like garbage.

Therefore it’s natural to assume that you want your trash compactors to work perfectly.

Fixing a problem with compactor doors or handles may sound easy, but you won’t think the same until you try solving the problem yourself.

This is why you should contact us and avoid any trash compactor related problems.

Trash Compactors

Outdoor Kitchen Repairs

Having an outdoor kitchen is a great way to reunite a family or simply organize a barbeque for all your friends, family and neighbors.

But this set of appliances requires constant maintenance as there is a variety of factors that may affect their performance.

From weather effects to humidity in air and corrosion, you’ll never know why some of your appliances are malfunctioning until you hire a professional and let them evaluate the situation.

Our technicians will gladly fix all your outdoor kitchen related problems and make sure that they function properly all the time.

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