Freezer Repair Service

Technology has already succeeded in improving our lives to that extent, that we’ve become dependent on it.

Freezers are essential appliances for every homeowner. They allow us to store food over the year, prepare meals with ease, and this is why we should keep our kitchen appliance in top condition at all times.

Your freezer should always maintain a temperature of zero degrees Fahrenheit or lower should your choose to adjust your freezer’s effectiveness.

Maintaining this temperature is not only imperative for storing your food, but also for keeping bacteria at bay and preventing food spoilage, according to the FDA’s proper food storage code.

But what happens when these, essential appliances, start to malfunction or even break down?

Surely you can’t simply forget about this issue and carry on with your daily tasks as nothing was wrong.

Our technicians are familiar with common problems of every freezer types, including:
Various Models of Chest Freezers
Different Types of Upright Freezers
Portable Freezers
Drawer Freezers

How to Notice Whether your Freezer is Malfunctioning


There are several reasons why your freezer might malfunction. But in order to prevent these problems from happening, you should first look for symptoms that may indicate whether your appliance is about to break down or start malfunctioning.

Pay attention and be sure to contact us for our professional repair service in Rockland and Bergen County as soon as you notice any of the following issues:


The freezer isn’t turning on. If you have a problem with the power button or simply notice that your freezer can’t be turned on for any reason, call us for professional help.



Overcooling. Noticing that your freezer is overcooling might indicate that you have a problem with your Freon of the refrigerant compartment, or with refrigerant pipes.



The temperature isn’t consistent. This is a clear sign of a freezer compartment malfunction. Noticing this early on might save you from the trouble of buying a new freezer.

Paying attention to these indicators might save you a lot of money as well as time and effort of contacting a repair company to fix your appliance.